Our curriculum in all courses helps students become stronger thinkers and develop the skills needed to accomplish great things in any field.  The three pillars of our academic program are:
  1. The Liberal Arts Tradition- Emphasizing a broadening of the mind over regurgitation of facts. This tradition also emphasizes the importance of being well-rounded, thus we offer students a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.
  2. Situated and Purposeful approach to teaching and learning.  Learning through creating authentic work relevant to the world.
  3. Learning through the lens of a filmmaker: Storytelling, Critical Literacies, and Visual Thinking.
  • The Animation & Movie Institute

    Our school calendar is divided into two semesters and a separate production-intensiveIMG_0806 course (AMI) held in the spring of each year. Students learn filmmaking from professional filmmakers devoted to teach the craft and techniques for visual storytelling, with concentration in Animation (Freshman Year), Music Video (Sophomore Year), Short Film Screenwriting (Junior Year) and Sound Narrative Film (Senior Year). This cinematic expression is supported by cutting-edge media and technology.



  • Cinema Studies & Film Making

    Filmmaking helps all students develop the creative, collaborative and organizational skills needed to excel in many fields. We offer four years of this coursework and students produce original films in their Senior year.
  • Strong Academics

    All students will be offered a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that is
    rooted in the Liberal Arts tradition with an emphasis on creative activity. AP or
    advanced courses will be offered in multiple subjects. All students will be
    required to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma.
  • Supportive Learning Environment

    All students work with an advisor receiving personal attention and support to
    achieve their goals. Students will quickly learn that the skills and knowledge
    obtained at The Cinema School will prepare them to meet success in college and
    beyond in any profession they may choose.