Office of SchoolFood


POS Parent Letter Spanish Version

Dear Parents/Guardian:
Things are changing in our school dining room. Our school will soon be using a new computerized point
of sale (POS) system during breakfast and lunch. The purpose of this letter is to explain the new system
and to ask for your cooperation over the next few weeks as we implement this program. The POS System
provides the Department of Education with an efficient, streamlined process to serve and accurately
count student meals.

Some of the system benefits include:

  • Does not openly identify free or reduced eligible students;
  • Student meal eligibility is updated automatically once your meal application is processed;
  • Students can swipe a card, be looked up by name, class, photo or ID number all of which result in
    speeding meal service;
  • Supports prepayments off of the meal service lines, including;
  •  Tracks all meals and monies received for full priced students;
  •  Only charges student accounts when the child takes lunch;

Payments for meals
1. Online: an easy, fast and simple meal payment system will now be available. Enrolling and funding
your child’s account is completed online through
a. Money will be available for your child to use 24-hours after you complete the transaction.
b. Student accounts are registered on using their 9 digit student ID
number. This 9 digit number it is not your child’s social security number. You may call your
school’s main office for the student ID (OSIS) number if you do not know it.

2. At the School: Payments will continue to be made by sending money to your child’s school.
Why should I use the

  • Easy: You will no longer need to send money for your child’s lunch with your child.
  •  Convenient: Once your account is established you can check balances, view purchases, and fund
    the account from a computer or smart phone.
  •  Automatic payment can be set to deposit money to your child’s account when the low balance is
    reached so that money will always be available for lunch.
  • Secure: Your personal and payment card information is protected by the most advanced internet

As always, our goal is to provide nutritious meals in an attractive environment. We appreciate your

support in using this exciting new computerized system.
Office of SchoolFood