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Making films, building friendships.
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Our courses help students become stronger thinkers
& develop the skills needed to accomplish great things.
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Learn how to conceive, write, cast, direct, shoot, edit
and screen authentic work.
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Learning through the lens of a filmmaker:
storytelling, critical literacies, and visual thinking.
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Learning through creating authentic work
relevant to the world.
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Preparing our students for the best
colleges by challenging them to achieve
new levels of understanding.
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Cinematic expression supported by cutting-edge
media and technology.

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Captivating the young creative mind
Filmmaking helps
all students
develop the creative
and organizational skills
needed to excel in many fields.
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Understanding both who our students are as learners,
as well as who they are as people.

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Culminating ideas and opinions.
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 The Cinema School (TCS)

The Cinema School (TCS) is the nation’s first film high school – a selective academic public high school offering a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that is grounded in creative activity. TCS prepares students for the best colleges by challenging them to achieve new levels of understanding – of themselves and the world – through the art of filmmaking.
TCS’ well-rounded academic program lays a strong foundation for success in any field while simultaneously empowering the voices, creative visions, and aspirations of our students