Animation and Movie Institute

The Mid-Winter Institute is…

February 3-7 / February 28-March 7

• A two-week production-intensive course at The Cinema School,
held in winter/early spring of each year between the fall and spring
semesters of school.
• Taught by top filmmakers and professional artists from many
backgrounds and disciplines (including Screenwriting, Directing,
Cinematography, Sound Production, Editing, and Animation).




Freshmen Year

All freshman will work in pairs and will have to deliver two 30-second animated
short film: one using claymation and one using Adobe Flash.


All sophomores will work in groups and collaborate to make a 3-5 minute short
film without dialogue, which will then be set to music in post-production.


All juniors will work in groups and collaborate to make two 2-minute short films
with dialogue. Each group will have 2 productions of the same script directed by
a different student. All of the short films will fall under one theme (selected by the
students): “Trapped.”


All seniors will complete a 15-20 min Sound Narrative Film of their choice.

AMI images from 2012-2013