Impersonation of an alum is ILLEGAL and may lead to legal action.
You may only request a copy of YOUR OWN RECORDS!!

If you are not an alum of The Cinema School, requesting your own records, EXIT NOW.

If you would like a copy of your transcript or a letter attesting to your graduation,  you may submit your request by sending a letter to the following address:


Transcript Request:

The Cinema School
C/O Transcript
1551 East 172st 
Bronx, New York 10472


Include your year of graduation, name (if married your maiden name), address, and a $5 (processing fees) certified check or money order for each transcript  .


You can order up to 4 of item . All documents are sent by mail.


NOTE: We will attempt to fulfill requests in their order of receipt, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Please plan accordingly when placing your orders.