On June 18th, 2015 The Cinema School held their 3rd Annual Senior Awards Screening at The Bronx Museum to honor the hard work of the Ghetto Film School Honors Program and the top 4 films of the Class of 2015. The Projects shown are:

GAP Spec Commercials by Edgar Alvarez and Natalie Popoter
PSAs by Malcolm Green and Natalie Popoter

“E is for Eileen” – dir. Johanna Garcia
“Admit” – dir. Edgar Alvarez
“Ardent” – dir. Perla Lopez
“Discretion” – dir. Johanan McDowell

Best Editing – Johanna Garcia “E is for Eileen”
Best Cinematography – Sabrina Victoria “Discretion”
Best Screenplay – Perla Lopez “Ardent”
Best Directing – Edgar Alvarez “Admit”
Best Film – “Admit”